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Jason Momoa Throwing Axes In His Backyard Has Me All Sorts Of Boned Up

Does it really? No, but that was a hell of a title. Well done, Pat. That said, aside from the first throw, that was a fantastic performance. Especially considering most ax throws end up like this...

I mean the man wasn't even looking at the target and he went five for six. Imagine what he could do if he was? Jason Momoa as a whole has always been an enigma to me. He's Aquaman but he's also Khal Drogo...but he was also in Baywatch but he's also forty? He's kinda like The Rock, but not really? I feel like everyone knows who he is yet no one actually knows him. The man doesn't make any sense. The only thing about him that makes sense about him is that he's manly. Manly enough to be good at throwing axes and to that, I salute you, Jason. 

Now here's a highlight of real of "Jason being Jason" so you can familiarize yourself with his work. Enjoy.