Proof That We Are Currently Living In The Greatest Time Ever: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Is Officially Coming Back In September

I know that times seem a little rough right now. I know you miss live sports. I know you miss live music. I know you miss being able to get obliterated at the bar with your boys. I know that life might seem a little off right now. 

But this has all just been the world's way of testing us. And guess what? We passed. We mother hecking passed. And what do we get for passing one of the most difficult tests over the course of the past century?


Original maps. Original skaters. Original soundtrack. It's all back. And with the game coming back will be how fucking sweet life used to be when you were playing these games the first time around. Just think back to how great life was back in 1999. Puka shell necklaces, chain wallets, CCS Catalogs, Reel Big Fish. Everything was sick back in 1999. And that's exactly where life is headed once more. Sure, we might have to endure a couple more months of chaos in the process. But we're all going to come out of this on the other side and just think about how glorious it's going to feel to bomb down that opening hill at the Warehouse and grab that hidden tape over the halfpipe. Goddammit I can't wait. 

Sidenote: I know this says the game won't be released until September but hopefully there's a chance they can bump the release date up a little to make this idea happen. 

Sidenote #2: Interviewing Tony Hawk about Bagel Bites is still the highlight of my career. 

HBD, Legend.