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According to Dan Graziano, Jordan Love Will Win More Super Bowls Than Aaron Rodgers

The moment this alert popped up on my phone, I rolled my eyes and made the conscious decision to ignore it. 

But now people are talking about it because of course they're talking about it, so here I am, begrudgingly not ignoring it. 

Look, I get it, we're living in desperate times and if it's your job to talk about sports, you're beyond desperate for a story because sports are pretty much non-existent. So if there's a narrative you can create or popularize, that's a win for you and the general public who are thirsty for a sports discussion. 

In this particular case, Dan Graziano was asked for a bold prediction and he gave just that: "Jordan Love will win more Super Bowls with the Packers than Aaron Rodgers." Is it an impossibility? I sure hope not. 

Rodgers' lone Super Bowl victory was in SB 45 and, depending on how long he stays with the Pack, he likely has another 2 seasons with the chance to repeat. Honestly, though, it really doesn't matter how many rings Rodgers wins because as a fan you always hope for more. Even if #12 ends up with 3 when all is said and done, of course I would want Love to win 4 because I want to see my team win. Obviously. 

However, I would never say "Jordan Love is going to win more rings than Rodgers" because 1) the kid has never taken a single snap in a professional football game and 2) Rodgers is my quarterback. I believe in him, I want to win with him, and I don't give a shit about how many rings the Pack may or may not win 5 years from now. I care about this season (there has to be a season, right?) and about winning with my present quarterback. 

And that's exactly why I rolled my eyes. Not because the actual prediction is so far-fetched and ridiculous, but because I don't want to go through this media circus, again. I went through it with Favre and it fucking SUCKED. It's heartbreaking, it changes the tone of the game, and with every silly prediction or "observation," the locker room becomes heavier and heavier. It's exactly what I've been fearing from the moment Love was drafted.

The media hasn't even had a chance to meet with Love or Rodgers in person. They haven't been in the locker room, nor have they seen the quarterbacks exchange "questionable" glances; in short, they haven't been in a position to observe and criticize anyone or anything. And yet the "Love will be better/is loved better" nonsense has been making its rounds, ready to create the second great divide. 

Fuck this noise.