Kayla Delancey Thinks Smitty Only Knows How To Say "BALLS!" On Verdansk & She's 100% Right

Truer words have never been said by our new best friend & squad leader, Kayla Delancey. It's pretty much as Kayla says goes around these parts since she's so good at the game and what she had to say yesterday about Smitty's comms sure were correct. The poor guy is like a robot. He can't say anything else. Please tune into this stream and watch this exact scenario happen over & over & over & over & over again. The squad moves from one Verdansk Neighborhood to another, Smitty is 130+ meters away from the rest of said squad, he gets rolled up & dies immediately which results in a "BALLS!" as if it's my fault his dumbass went AWOL Smits. Watch, rinse, repeat, Kids. Thank you Kayla for bringing attention to this trying matter.