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Middleditch and Schwartz Is Some Of The Most Brilliant Comedy You'll Ever See

A few months back we had Ben Schwartz on KFC Radio to plug Sonic The Hedgehog but throughout the course of the interview, he also mentioned his long form improv comedy special coming out on Netflix with Silicon Valley's Tom Middleditch. The interview went so well I was being honest when I told him I'd watch the special, even though improv comedy sounds like the last fucking thing I'd like to watch. As a matter of fact, I'd venture to guess that if you like Barstool Sports, you grew up making fun of the idea of improv comedy. Its the nerd table in the cafeteria of comedy. Its the butt of every joke. Its a trope to lean on if you're trying to make someone seem uncool or lame. 

Well Middleditch and Schwartz took that notion and just absolutely blasted it in the ass. They have 3 hour long specials, all long form improv. 50+ minutes of non stop continuous conversation and punchlines based on one 5 minute convo they have at the beginning of the show with an audience member. The term "brilliant" gets thrown around far too often in the comedy world but when you watch these two in action its nothing short of genius. The quick wit, the memory, the recall, the physical comedy, the give and the take. Its probably the most creative thing I've ever watched. I'm talking tears down your face, stomach hurting from laughing too much type of shit. In the moment I was thinking "This is the funniest thing Ive ever watched." 

And maybe thats on me for being ignorant to the idea of long form improv comedy. Maybe I've just been over here in the smutty corner of the internet making porn jokes for too long. Maybe this isnt as mind blowing as I think it is, but I have a sneaking suspicion these two are the best to do it. So I write this blog to let you know that I havent laughed out loud like I did watching Middleditch and Schwartz in probably years. Woke up this morning with my abs feeling a little sore, which is a testament to both their talent and my lack of overall health. But if you're anything like me, meaning you love stand up specials and comedy and love both those dudes as actors, but thought you'd never in a million years watch long form improv, I legit BEG you to give that Netflix special a shot. It might end up being the funniest shit you've ever seen. 

PS - In the first or second episode you'll hit a bit of a wall around 30 minutes in and you'll be thinking "Alright am I seriously just gonna watch this routine for another half hour? And thats when their true brilliance comes out and they start really juggling. Push through that feeling of "alright alright I get the point" and thats when the real payoff hits.