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The Nets Refused To Let John Calipari Have A Game Ball After He Was Fired Because They Already Owed Him A Ton Of Money

I love this story from Coach Cal/Sherman Douglas about him returning to the Nets. Pretty rude though if you ask me. Larry Brown smartly decides to get kicked out and let Coach Cal have his moment in his return to the Nets after he was fired by them. Naturally the Sixers win, because Coach Cal always wins. 

But how about this move from the Nets? Just refusing to let him keep the game ball. It's an unbelievable move, but can't say I'm surprised. That feels like a very New Jersey Nets thing to do. They already fired Cal, really just because Sam Cassell got injured in the first game. Now, there is something about refusing to give away game balls in the New Jersey/New York area, remember this from earlier in the year? 

So I'm going with yes. Sherman Douglas even says so! The Nets refused to let Coach Cal have a game ball, which runs what, like $26? They are that cheap. Probably why they are a horribly run franchise and I'm directing all my anger towards them instead of the Knicks.