You Will Not See A Cuter Video This Year Than Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi Stopping Herself From Eating M&Ms

Cute as fuck. Honestly one of the cutest videos I've ever seen. When she started singing, "Patience, patience, patience"?????? Holy shit man. First of all, do most 2 year olds know the word patience? Seems like a word you don't learn until you're like 5 (I did zero research on that) so that was super impressive. And second, you probably know that I was a Large Baby. I wasn't as large as the Large Baby we've seen take over the internet recently but I was a Large Baby and if you don't think I wasn't diving head first into that bowl of M&Ms as a child (and as an adult) you're crazy. AS SOON as my mom walked into the bathroom I'm pulling a Kevin Malone and seeing how many M&Ms I can fit in my mouth. Not Stormi. She just sat there and waited and waited and waited. Stunning and stunningly cute.

There were moments where it looked like she was gonna break. This moment right here made me laugh out loud 

Anyone who has ever craved candy knows that feeling of, "I can't control my hands. My hands are gonna do what my hands are gonna do and that's more than likely gonna be grabbing that candy and stuffing it into my mouth"

Then she REALLY almost went for it 

And she STILL didn't do it! 

Finding out that a 2-year-old has more willpower than you is a sobering reality. Well done, Stormi. Well done.