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This Michael Jordan/LeBron Mashup Is The Internet At Its Finest

The Last Dance has been awesome for a wide variety of reasons. The inside access, the never before seen footage, all the quotable moments that NBA Twitter enjoys together. But nothing, and I mean this seriously, has been better than the memes we've gotten. People will mostly forget about 99% of this documentary, but the memes will live forever and that's what matters. It has given the internet the ammunition to do its thing, and when the internet gets it right, boy is it amazing.

Like this video. I think we all need to take a moment and give @TheDogDoctor67 a round of applause because that mashup was PERFECT. We're starting to see more and more videos like this with MJs famous reaction tied in, but for my money this is by far the best one. Not only because it trolls LeBron fans, but it uses LeBron's greatest accomplishment to do it. It would not surprise me one bit if LeBron tries to get this removed from the internet, a move he is well versed in. Then you have the shade at the Warriors too as a cherry on top. That's art. The way it lines up perfectly is simply too good. I know the internet can be a terrible place sometimes, but every once in a while someone comes along and blesses our timeline with greatness like this and it doesn't seem so bad. I've probably watched this no fewer than 1,000 times this morning. I laugh every, single, time.

I'm almost positive this will not be the last time we see this type of video, but I'm ready to declare everyone will now be competing for second place. I still can't believe Twitter is free, but boy am I thankful.