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'Crafty? That's Another Word For White' - Steve Nash, Not Missing A Beat After Stephen Jackson Calls His Game Crafty

Steve! Goddamn do I love him. I also love this quote so much. I know I've blogged about this before but the way Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes get dudes to open up and have a loose conversation makes All The Smoke so damn good. But this? This is just what everyone is thinking. You call someone's game crafty, you're calling them a white point guard. 

But this is crafty: 

Getting a lap dance from Nicki Minaj? Also crafty

There was something just always awesome about Steve Nash. The fact he looked like he should be playing midfield for an EPL team. The flowing hair. The fact he was undersized but would bust your ass and win 2 MVP's. There are very few people that were better passers than him. 

But honestly his game was crafty. Go watch his clips again. Look at the wrong-footed layups, the one-legged jumpers. He figured out a way to create space in a crafty manner.