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Who Is This Man And What Have You Done With CC Sabathia?

Great googly moogly that CC Sabathia? I mean what in the world is going on here? Is CC trying to fight in the UFC? My man heard about the shortened season potentially starting up with the universal DH and is trying to get a few swings in. He looks fucking incredible. 

Sabathia had talked about getting in real shape once his career ended which is usually the opposite of how it normally goes for pro athletes. CC had to be fat to be good at sports. Skinny CC couldn't throw harder than 89 mph. Fat CC was a bull dog who would curse at you as he walked off the mound. He used to crush a full box of Cap'n Crunch in one sitting.. What a legend. Now it's time to focus on health and he's crushing it. 

Remember back in December of 2018 he was 24 hours away from dying.  Just crazy to think about. Dude's widow maker artery was 90% blocked and if he had gotten on his scheduled flight to London he said he was told he wouldn't have made it back. Shit was a big wake up call and he's clearly taken it seriously. Good for him, man. 

As fake as this looks Ryan Ruocco, his co-host on their great podcast R2C2, is backing it up that it's for real.