Brooks Orpik Signs With The Caps For...Wait What? OH NO WHY 5 YEARS 27.5 MILLION WHY



(Here’s how this blog will work. I typed it before they released the contract information. That’s this part)

Caps jumped into free agency today and did something they’ve rarely done in the last decade- updated their defense. They signed former Penguin dirty defenseman (but now perfectly clean and all around good guy) Brooks Oprik. He’s been a foe to the Caps for many years, and now will put on the red, white and blue and man the blue line for the good guys in DC.

The signing is being killed on Twitter. I don’t really get why. Sure, he isn’t at the top of his game. But at 33, he’s a good veteran presence, and a definite upgrade over last years defense debacle. Remember how last year they rotated in and out 10 different AHL defensemen? This will help that problem.


(Here’s part 2, after the details were announced)



Really, someone explain this? See part 1 of blog. We needed help on the blue line. Duh. Obviously. But Orpik is 33. A 5 year, 5+ million per year deal is madness. It makes no logical sense. Especially because he isn’t in his prime. I like bringing him in. I really do. He will help the team this year. But that is outrageous money for him. The Caps have to let Grabo walk now, right? I guess that’s free agency for you, people get PAID. It’s easy to laugh at other teams (hello, Florida) when they sign people to insane deals, but this one is in DC. I hope he proves us all wrong. But for now, yuck.