Nick Saban Says The Giants Got The Steal Of The NFL Draft, So It's Confirmed The Giants Got The Steal Of The NFL Draft

[Source] - “I think [the pick was a steal]. Normally, statistically, there are two safeties picked in the first round, if you look at historical data,” Saban said on the “Giants Huddle” podcast. “So he should have been a first-round pick based on historical information. And certainly as a player, I think most people had him graded there. I just think sometimes in the draft when there’s an overload at another position, whether it’s receiver or offensive line or whatever it is, that guys don’t always get picked where their grade says. … So I think this is a really, really good pick for the Giants.”

Well would you look at that. Granted, I loved and I mean I LOVED this pick when the Giants made It because any time you can take an Alabama safety early in the second round when everyone thinks he's a first rounder, it works out. Landon Collins anyone? Sure, you could say he's not a Giant right now, but there was that year where Collins was legit in contention for DPOY. 

But then this happens. Saban comes out and says something that made my ears perk up. It's almost identical to what he said about Collins! 

I mean that's a rinse and repeat headline right there. Plus, there is pretty much no one I trust more than Nick Saban in this situation. He likes the Giants. He knows his players. He won't just feed some bullshit (right?). So if Nick Saban calls Xavier McKinney the steal of the draft, he's clearly the steal. I don't care what Steven Cheah says, the Giants just got an A+ draft grade. There is no way Nick Saban is recommending a lemon to his guy Joe Judge and Joe Judge clearly knows that.

Not to mention, I'm just a big fan of drafting as many SEC players as possible. Load up on Alabama defenders. Load up on hog mollies from Georgia and Auburn on the OL. Sprinkle in some LSU guys. You win a Super Bowl with Kentucky on the roster (shout out Jared Lorenzen). Get a goofy Hall of Fame QB from Ole Miss while you're at it. Pretty simple math there. 

So bingo, bango the Giants just won the NFL offseason, which according to my calendar has been going on for no less than 17 months.