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This Dude Somehow Learned All The Rules For True American From New Girl And He's Here To Teach You

I don't even understand how the brain of someone like this works. I've seen New Girl probably 10 times, seen every True American scene, and never in a million years could I have put even a piece of this together. This is like watching someone build a computer from scratch or some shit, I know we technically have the same brain and we're the same species but also we absolutely do not. You can see and do things that my mind would look at and go, "Oh no, fuck that. Let's just do something else because this doesn't make any sense."

Having said that, I still don't totally understand how the game is played but I'm damn sure going to try once this quarantine is over. I'm not much of a drinking gamer anymore. Probably once a year I'll jump on the ping pong table for some Beirut? Maybe I'll throw down with flip cup or Kings on a bored summer night when we try and recapture that high school magic? But it's rare. It's a special occasion thing. And True American definitely counts as a special occasion. 

Now do Chardee McDennis.