It's Marty Mush Vs The New Jersey Devils Mascot In The 3rd Matchup Of The Chiclets Cup Tomorrow at 8pm EST Presented By DEVOUR

It's Marty Mush vs the New Jersey Devils mascot for the 3rd matchup of the Chiclets Cup presented by DEVOUR. When is this match happening? 8pm EST on the Chiclets Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook and on Some of you may be asking, why Mush and the Devils mascot? Well, Marty has been running a muck in the Barstool office for about a year now, just crushing people left and right and making everyone call their aunts. Well it's time he got a taste of his own medicine, so we brought in the New Jersey Devils mascot, who goes by @NJDevil00 on twitter. Funny thing about the Devils mascot? He's actually one of the best NHL20 players on the internet, so Tuesday night should be a good tilt.