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HELL YES! WE HAVE SPORTS RETURNING! The UK Government Has Given Permission For The Premier League To Return On June 1

Oh fuck yes. June 1, that's not that far away folks! We have a date. We have a date for another, major sport to come back to our television. There's nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning, sitting down with a cup of coffee and Pop Tarts watching some Premier League. Am I ready to get hurt by Spurs sucking and every single player getting injured again? You bet your ass I am. 

This is just so important. We need to know a date like this so we can get ready. You know what else? If the Premier League returns with a success and players don't end up testing positive for coronavirus, we're going to get sports back here in America returning faster. We can get through a few more weeks. 

It's not exactly a hot take or anything to say people like soccer. Pretty much everyone here watches soccer or is a fan of a club. Clearly we're led by Sam's Army, who will have a guide to picking a team again and everything like that. But this is the best news we could have gotten this morning. There's been a bunch of will they return or won't they. Shit there was even a blackmail rumor! 

June 1, baby. June 1 and we're back.