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God Bless These Armed Anti-Lockdown Protesters Who Swarmed A NC Subway With RPG's And Anti-Tank Weaponry

TMZ - A group of protesters busted through the doors of a Subway with their guns blazing -- but it wasn't to shoot the place up ... they were just hangry for some footlongs, apparently. A photojournalist for the News & Observer in Raleigh, NC recently captured these surreal pics and shared them on social media, showing about a dozen "mostly-armed" reopen demonstrators hitting up a Subway mid-protest to get their sandwich fix, firearms in hand.

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'Murica, FUCK YEAH!  

#MealTeam6 (amazing hashtag, btw) is here to defend your God/America given RIGHT to spread this pandemic from sea to shining sea! I'd like to see the Coronavirus grow the nuts to step up to this somehow legal militia! They're spot on with their protest, too!  We need to take to arms and end this lockdown so we can support and save our local, struggling homegrown businesses like Subway - the largest fast food chain in the world! You know what they say! The only way to stop a bad person staying at home with the Coronavirus is a good person with an anti-tank RPG!  Now don't let Covid-19 come after the Doomsday Devices or there will be hell to pay!