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No, We Don't Need A 2 Hour Documentary To Know That MJ Was A Gigantic Asshole - We Need It To Laugh At Him Insulting Teammates, Ho

Dante posed this question earlier today and quite frankly we just got our answer. No, we don't need 2 hours on a documentary to know that MJ was an asshole. I'm pretty sure every single person over the age of like 25 knows this. It's not groundbreaking news. We heard or remember him fighting teammates and just being competitive as hell. Again, not groundbreaking.

But to answer Dante even more. We need a 2-hour documentary on him just roasting the shit out of his teammates. Calling Scott Burrell a ho at all times? Only thing MJ loved more than that was to remind Jerry Krause he was short and fat. 

My personal favorite was 'big fat head motherfucker' 

That's exactly what we need this for. I want to know just how fucking mean he got towards his teammates and who could handle it correctly. There was always a meaning behind it. Him trying to get Scott Burrell to compete at all times. To fire people up. That's what we need a documentary of. I don't need the background shit, show me a 2-hour unedited practice footage when MJ is pissed.