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Wake Up With The 2007 Red Sox Mothers Day Miracle Win

I remember watching tis game way back in 2007, and even back then I think I knew it was coming before it actually happened. Orioles headed into the 9th with a 5-0 lead on Mothers Day in Fenway. Jeremy Guthrie had a brilliant day, 8 1/3 innings, 3 hits, 2 Ks, and 1 run. That 1 run came in the ninth after Coco Crisp reached base via an error. No problem, a 5-0 lead with 1 out in the ninth? Shut her down, boys. Until the Orioles bullpen struck. Ortiz doubled, scoring a run. Wily Mo Pena singled, J.D. Drew walked to load the bases, Chris Ray walked in a batter, Varitek doubled scoring 2, and after an IBB and a ground out, Julio Lugo singled to tie it and the winning run ended up coming in on an error at first. I remember seeing it all unfold in front of me and there was nothing I could do. This is what every Orioles loss seemed like. Mothers Day Miracle in Fenway is one I'll never forget.