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Trouble in Lubbock: Texas Tech HC Gus Duggerton to Hold Press Conference at 7:15 to Discuss Slow Start, Future

There is no doubting that Gus Duggerton has had a shaky beginning to his head coaching career at Texas Tech. After losing to UCLA for the second straight year to open the season, the journeyman picked up a win against then No. 5 Florida State and then took down QB Brandon Walker and SEC foe Mississippi State. Back on track for Coach Duggs, right?

Far from it.

The Red Raiders sunk back to a .500 record yesterday after a brutal loss to Baylor to kick off Big 12 play. And it wasn't just a standard loss. It was the old "I'm going to play Baylor offline because I'm going to crush them, and then get bullied into playing them online while throwing an awful interception to lose the game" loss. 

In the 27-ish hours since that debacle, Coach Duggs has faced some serious heat from fans, the media, and teams themselves.

That brings us to tonight. At 7:15 PM ET, Coach Duggs will be making his first public appearance since yesterday's brutal loss and will be holding a live press conference to answer some unanswered questions.

One of the hot topics that will be addressed will be the Oklahoma State game that has been rescheduled a handful of times now:

While Coach Duggs has had his fair share of technical issues during his career (ex: Lag Gate), a source tells me that last night's abrupt cancelation was not as simple as a device not loading properly.

It was food-related. Did Coach Duggs have too much to eat? Coaching on an empty stomach? Did he consume a little something something that wouldn't allow him to focus properly? Perhaps we'll find out shortly.

In his four years coaching Division I football, this is by far the earliest part of the season that a squad led by Coach Duggs has been eliminated from the National Championship picture. This brings up an appropriate question:

Now what?

Tune in to the presser right HERE via the Pardon My Take Twitch Channel: