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ESPN Just Leaked Trevor Bauer's Number To The Whole World

FUUUUUUUCK. What a nightmare. But as per usual, Trevor Bauer is making the most of this opportunity. We're up late watching some KBO action right now -- my LG Twins versus Hubbs' and Clems' Dinos. They had Bauer on as a guest and WHOOPS! Now the whole world has your cellphone number. Tough break. He was so close to avoiding this, too. He almost didn't use his phone for the guest spot, but as fate had it, it was his phone. It was his number. And now we've got ourselves a giveaway and a new number on deck.

Honestly, as much as this would suck in the moment, I wouldn't hate it if I got forced to change my number. I'm ready to draw the line and cut ties with the world that had my number since fifth grade and start clean. Everybody needs a fresh start, so in that regard I kind of envy the freedom that Bauer is going to feel when he gets a new number tomorrow. But for now, he's gonna have to put his phone on silent tonight, duck and dodge all the dick pics he's probably going to get over the next 48 hours, and ride out the storm.

UPDATE: Definitely his number.