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Reader Email - Guy Pissed Himself While Waiting For His Plane At The Vegas Airport

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I’m posting this first thing Monday morning after the NCAA Tournament for one reason and one reason only, it plays. You want to piss your pants in public? You want to piss your pants while at an airport where there are roughly 700 bathrooms and you can’t go more than 100 yards without seeing one? Well this is the one and only time you can do it. Sunday night after 4 straight days of drinking and watching basketball. If you don’t feel like hell this morning then you don’t celebrate March Madness correctly. If you didn’t piss in your pants while sleeping in a Vegas airport then you REALLY didn’t celebrate it correctly. So no, I will not laugh at this man, because this man is me and this man is you, we may not have piss in our pants but we feel just as awful. Spent the entire weekend breaking it all down and now we start to build it back up again. You start at zero and work yourself back, just like a newborn baby. You learn how to walk and talk and be a human and along those travels some underwear is going to get pissed in, guaranteed.



h/t seth