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Sic-ening Loss: Baylor Stuns Texas Tech in Big 12 Opener, Coach Duggs Cancels Oklahoma State Game

Oh no. Oh no. Oh nooooooooooo.

We are officially marking today, May 9, 2020, as rock bottom in the Gus Duggerton Head Coaching era. As mentioned in the pregame blog, today was originally supposed to be an off day for Coach Duggs and Texas Tech. 

But the Twitch chat convinced him to play against Oklahoma State. This led to Coach Duggs explaining that he'd be playing the Baylor game offline...

... And then getting bullied into playing that one, too (by the Baylor football team, literally):

Fast forward to game day, where Coach Duggs kept his word, at least for the beginning of the game.

But then, there were some moments where Coach Duggs seemed a little off. Or, I guess you could say, he was not feeling (wide) right.

It was all tied at 14 at the half, but Texas Tech, specifically Ricky "Cheeks" Squeaks, put the team on his back late in the game.

It then came down to the final minute, where Coach Duggs was trying to punch one more touchdown in for the win. Worst case scenario, a last second field goal to force OT. Right?


What was supposed to be a doubleheader turned into an abrupt exit from the stream. Coach Duggs needed some time off.

And Baylor reminded everyone once again that "nobody wants to see a blowout."

So, what's next for Coach Duggs? Nobody knows. But one thing is for sure. At 2-2, the Texas Tech Red Raiders have no shot at a BCS Title in 2016. 

You can watch each and every game right here on the Pardon My Take Twitch Channel: