College Softball Player Thinks She And Her Teammates "Would Literally Embarrass" Lonzo Ball In The Weight Room

This video of Lonzo Ball has been shared across Twitter the past few days. At first, I was going to blog it and roast him for his form. Then I realized I, a Barstool Sports blogger, has no right to roast Lonzo Ball for his less than stellar shoulder press form. 

Thankfully, former Wright State softball player Ashton Salyers said it for me:

In all honesty, Ashton, I completely agree. Lonzo may be an NBA star, but you and your teammates would make him look like a lightweight in the weight room:

You, also, wouldn't go full cringe after completing a simple shoulder press set:

It appears not everybody agrees with me, though.

Here is a comment on this picture:

Imagine seeing that photo and commenting that? Hardooooooo.