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Kesha Popped Her Top And Got Some Sun In A Pink Cowboy Hat

I have a new found love for Kesha that really has nothing to do with that topless picture or her fantastic music. Kesha obviously makes BANGERS. She makes banger after banger after banger. Go to her Spotify page and you will see what I mean. It's banger central. Tik Tok? Die Young? We R Who We R? Your Love Is My Drug? Blow? BANGERS. Kesha gets credit for making bangers but I weirdly don't think it's enough credit.

But my new found love for Kesha comes from her recent appearance on The Bachelor spin off show Listen To You Heart. Every week on that show they bring in celebrity guest judges to judge to performances of the coupes in the house. Kesha was part of Week 1 and she was incredible. It really seemed like the edible she took started to hit as soon as the performances started and it made for great TV. She was so supportive and so nice and all about love and was just happy to be there. 

This picture is a good representation of her on the show 

Just fully on a different planet and it was amazing. 

Also shout out to Jerry Seinfeld for practicing social distancing a full 3 years before we even knew what social distancing was