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TOMORROW Is Mother's Day

Quick reminder that TOMORROW is Mother's Day because on May 9, 1914 President Woodrow Wilson declared the 2nd Sunday in May a national holiday for moms. 

Anna Jarvis loved her mom, so in 1908 she organized a gathering to honor her mom, your mom, and all other moms. The holiday created an incredible demand for the flower that symbolized the purity of mom's, the white carnation. After the Floral industry capitalized on the holiday, so did other companies. 

Who wouldn't? The holiday was a goldmine. 

Anna Jarvis HATED the commercialization of the special day for moms. She demanded people stop buying gifts and instead visit their mom or write her a card. 

Jarvis made $0 off the holiday, and went mad trying to fight against the holiday's commercial growth. She finished out her remaining years in a Pennsylvania Sanitarium. Anna was never told, but most of her hospital bills were paid for by florists who profited off of Mother's Day.

Tomorrow on Mother's Day, tell your mom that you bought her nothing, not because you're an all time scum-bag child and you forgot, but because that's not what the holiday is about. It's about spending quality time and realizing we'd have nothing without moms.

Don't believe me? 

We would never have  MTV's Yo Momma with Wilmer Valderrama without Moms. The show was cash money. Case closed.

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