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Josh Hart Doesn't Know How People Drink Beer So Meyers Leonard Instantly Hits Him With The Stone Cold Steve Austin

Listen, I'm not saying this is why Josh Hart got traded for Anthony Davis. I'm not even going to say this is why he consistently freaks out about playing video games. I'm just going to put it out there. Josh Hart sounds like a high schooler or college freshman who spent his/her entire life stealing vodka from their parents and gets handed a nice cool Natty Light. And he's just flat out spitting in the face of our own Dana B. A man who became known as the zillion beers guy.

I've consistently said I'm pretty big on the drink, eat, wear whatever you want because who gives a shit. But at the same time if you put a take like this out there, you deserve the criticism that comes with it. How do people drink beer? I don't know Josh, pretty easily. You crack one open and you drink it. There are plenty of different types to drink. You can have a light beer, an ale, an IPA, a sour, literally whatever you want.

Luckily we have Meyers Leonard out here shoving Josh Hart directly into a locker 

That's the perfect response to Josh Hart here. It's not yelling about him refusing to drink. It's not even JJ Redick's response of being a beer snob: 

Again, feel free to drink, eat, wear whatever you want. Just be prepared for people to rightfully mock you if it's something stupid.