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Bold Prediction: I Believe The Colts Will Win More Games Than They Will Lose This Season (11-5)

As soon as the schedule released last night, I said the Boys In Blue were going to be 11-5 this year. I'll admit, being a die hard Colts fan that wants sports back like everybody else, that was my knee jerk reaction. After sleeping on it, drinking some milk, and hitting the showers, I have broken down each game and what our final record is going to be. Let's get right to it!

Week 1: @ Jaguars 1PM EST.

Already kicking off the season with a divisional opponent! While the Jags look like the weakest team in the AFC South, the Colts are known to lose their first game of season. The Colts have not won a season opener since 2013! I want to say we are going to lose because this curse seems real, our last 7 season openers haven't been against a divisional opponent, which makes me think we are going to break the curse and beat the Jags right in front of their fans chilling in the upper level pool.

Colts 27 - Jags 17

Week 2: Vs Vikings 1PM EST.

This might be my second favorite game I'm looking forward to! It's the first game in Lucas Oil Stadium and I know the place is going to be rocking, especially after the win against the Jags. I truly don't know what to expect from Rivers and Cousins, but I do know that both teams have great offensive weapons and it's going to come down to the run game. Dalvin Cook is a stud, but our run defense last year proved that we could stop almost anyone. I think this is the first time we start the season 2-0 since God knows when. Oh, and we go into overtime!

Colts 34- Vikings 31

Week 3 Vs Jets 4:05 PM EST

I actually think we are going to slack this game. There's always one team we play that we underlook and get beat by each year, and I think the Jets are that team. Oh, this is also going to be a homecoming for the 11 players we have traded or released in the past few years (including Frank Gore and Josh Andrews).

Jets 24- Colts 20

Week 4 @ Bears 1PM EST

This is quite the flip flop we have here. Our former head coach Chuck Pagano has one of the best defenses in the league, while Nagy has an unpredictable offense. Our defense looks great on paper and shouldn't have a problem messing with Foles/Tribuskys mind, but their defense may make Rivers retire and start coaching his high school team in Alabama earlier than expected. It will be a defensive battle, but I think the Boys In Blue come out on top.

Colts 10 - Bears 6

Week 5 @ Browns 4:25 PM EST

We're not losing to the fucking Browns.

Colts 30 - Browns 10

Week 6 vs Bengals 1PM EST

Ahhhhhh, the team we also finish off the preseason against! Joe Burrow did not participate in the Combine this year, so this will be his first time getting his feet wet in Lucas Oil. I love Joe, hell, who doesn't? But I don't think he has the weapons or experience to outsmart our defense. This might be another bloodbath.

Colts 31 - Bengals 17

Week 8 @ Lions 1PM EST

I'm going to go Chris Collinsworth on this prediction. "I could see the Colts win this game, or the Lions win this game. Either way, one team is going to outplay the other". This is such a wildcard game to me and that's coming from my gut. I also just finished eating Chipotle so maybe that's why. Hell, we got this!

Colts 23 - Lions 17

Week 9 Vs Ravens 1PM EST

Besides our TNF game against the Titans, It's pretty bullshit how we have no primetime games. But I'm glad this is not a primetime game because I think we're going to get smacked by Lamar and the Ravens. I would actually feel more confident if we played in Baltimore! 

Ravens 40 - Colts 13

Week 10 @ Titans 8:20 PM EST (Thursday Night Football)

After 8 straight weeks of playing non divisional opponents, we finally get back into the AFC South! A battle between the top 2 teams in the division, that also have some of the most boring color rush uniforms on Thursday Night. The last time we played the Titans, they came to Lucas Oil and we absolutely stopped playing at halftime for a reason we will never know. I think that memory sticks with the Colts and they get the win in Nashville.

Colts 24 - Titans 21

Week 11 Vs Packers 1PM EST

I can't WAIT for this game! Rivers vs Rodgers! How was this not America's game of the week?? This is going to be an old western shootout while Jordan Love rides the bench fantasizing about how he was very close to becoming the franchise of Indianapolis. At least, that's what a majority of the fans wanted to happen. Sadly, I think the Colts come up just a tad bit short.

Packers 38 - Colts 34

Week 12 Vs Titans 1PM EST

The Titans come to Lucas Oil to finish the series right after Thanksgiving. Just like how America is going to be feeling that Thursday night, the Titans run game is going to get stuffed by the Colts defense all because I said so. 

Colts 23 - Titans 17

Week 13 @ Houston 1PM EST

NRG Stadium, the 2nd home of T.Y Hilton. If the Texans don't add any more stars to their defense by the time this game comes around, T.Y is going to have his usual monster performance and help the Colts get the win.

Colts 31 - Texans 23  

Week 14 @ Raiders 4:05 PM EST

There's something about west coast AFC teams that always gives us an L. Judging from the past decade, we have a bad history against the Chargers, and not the best record with the Raiders. The Raiders do not look better than us on paper, but I could see this game be another slip up that results in a loss.

Raiders 20 - Colts 14

Week 15 Vs Texans (TBD)

The Texans come to Indy to finish off the series. Luckily for the Texans, it will be cold in Indy, so Mr. Irsay will release his "ROOF CLOSED" tweet the day before. But the momentum from all of these wins the Colts have had this season will be no match for the Texans. Colts sweep the Texans!

Colts 30 - Texans 20

Week 16 @ Pittsburgh 1PM EST

Rivers vs Roethlisberger. 2 of the last few Jedis left in the game. Will this be the last season these fellas sling the ball? I think so, and I also think the Steelers are going to beat us because they are our Kryptonite every god damn year. We just can't beat the Steelers. Remember when Brian Hoyer almost beat the Steelers after Jacoby got hurt last season? Man, what could've been.

Steelers 27 - Colts 17

Week 17 Vs Jaguars

The final divisional game of the year. The Jags fly out to Indy to end their season to get swept by the Colts and lose their season finale. Again, another gut feeling!

Colts 33 - Jags 20

Like I said, it's pretty bullshit how we have no Sunday or Monday night games, but that's going to add more fuel to the fire this season. The Colts are still going 11-5 this season. I think we can make the AFC Championship, but I think the Chiefs are going to play the Saints in the Super Bowl this year. That's my bold prediction for this season and I can't wait to get this started! As always, go horse.