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Come Rewatch TGIF And TNBC Shows On Barstool TGIF With Clem, Reags, Eddie, Carl And Capt. Cons RIGHT NOW!

Absolutely nothing like the 90s. That's why Clem and I decided a month ago to relive our childhood and have our own Barstool TGIF while we're in quarantine. Every Friday at 9pm, we hop on with guests and other people from Barstool to talk about a 90s topic and then talk about God knows what. 

We started with GUTS and Mike O'Malley: 

We had KFC and Trill on to talk Rock n Jock hoops

Last week we had KFC, Cons and Chief on to talk American Gladiators: 

Tonight we have Eddie, Carl, Capt. Cons and more on to talk about TGIF. There's nothing that screams 90s than TGIF - hence the name of our show. We'll be talking theme songs, characters, lineups. We'll get into TNBC too. Either way we're going to be rewatching some classics that we all grew up with. So if you're an old or want to learn about what it was like for us to grow up on TV, come join. You can watch on Clem's or my Twitter.   

Until then: