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Power Ranking the NFL Schedule Release Videos

Of all the things the NFL has done wrong in recent years in terms of their marketing, like employing an army of goons to go around scrubbing sites of all game footage and getting people Twitter banned for posting five second clips of their broadcasts, they've done these team schedule reveal videos right. It's not a cultural phenomenon that's going to change your life. But it's something to look forward to in the Death Valley that is the part of the calendar between the draft and the start of camp. And with OTAs being likely canceled, any content it welcome. 

This year a LOT of teams took the low-hanging fruit that the Cowboys did, featuring health care workers and first responders. It's a noble thing to do. These people deserve all the positive internet fame we can give them. And for the purposes of this, ranking, let's agree that they're all tied for No. 1 in our Top 15 and instead power rank the teams that chose to go a different route. 

As always, some of these are more creative than others.

14. Texans

Going the little kids route is cute and all. It just seems like they came up with that idea and went no further with it.

13. Ravens

I liked the idea of a game show theme, but they didn't do anything with it as far as incorporating which teams they're playing. Look at the higher ones in this ranking and you'll see what I'm talking about.

12. Bills

I'm all about those pop culture clips but this one was hurried and confusing.

11. Panthers

Quarantine Life music video. Topical and well done.

10. Jaguars

I suppose if this was 2007 they'd all be doing Keyboard Cat, the airline food joke of memes in the aughts. But it's lost on most of their target audience. Still, that editing and music is hypnotic, so points there.

9. Bears

I looked everywhere to see what exactly they're parodying here. And as far as I can tell, it's nothing. They just thought it would fun to combine cheesy GGI Bears with sort of Nick Jr. animation and a bus trip. I beg to differ. A near miss.

8. Packers

Stop motion animation done in sort of a Sesame Street style. Not exactly the most visually stunning use of the format since "Wallace and Gromit" or Wes Anderson used it, but pretty good.

7. Patriots

Going with Nike the Dog was an absolute no-brainer. If they didn't use him, there'd have been widespread civil unrest. What elevates this for me is the Zoom format with all the other coaches and GM's added in.

6. Falcons

This is what I mean about finding clever ways to include your opponents. In this case, using relavent movie clips, like Jack Sparrow for the Bucs, etc. Work on it, Ravens.

5. Broncos

The "Full House" opening. I really like this. And they pulled it off. It's just kind of been done. YouTube is lousy with these parodies.

4. Eagles

This is along the same lines of what the Falcons did, only with much better execution. A "Curb Your Enthusiasm" clip to represent LA, Mr. Rogers for Pittsburgh, etc. Bravo.

3. Lions

"Animal Crossing." If the schedule reveals were TV dramas, this one's tag would be "ripped from today's headlines." Really well done.

2. Titans

The best use of nostalgia, using the style of a 90s Saturday morning cartoon, with perfect depictions of the rival cities on their schedule. Absolutely inspired.

1. 49ers

I'll grant you that this "Westworld" credits sequence isn't as chock full o' laughs as the Titans one. But I'm putting on the top of my list because it's so current, relevant and a feat of technical wizardry. Plus I love the symbols of the opponents. A ton of work went into it, and the budget on this must have been through the roof. That kind of commitment to the craft deserves praise. 

All the 31 other teams, get busy coming up with next year's. The bar has been raised.