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With Their 1st Round Pick In The 2021 NFL Draft The Chicago Bears Select...

No, the Bears won't be able to draft Trevor Lawrence, but Ed is right...the Bears will be drafting a quarterback. The Bears might be bad, but there is no chance they are going to be bad enough for Trevor Lawrence. Probably not even bad enough for Justin Fields. If Steven Cheah is right the Bears will be 7-9. This year is different though. This year the Bears can get the QB they've been after since, well, my entire life and my dad's life, and honestly probably my dad's dad's life(people talk about Sid Luckman, but he threw 132 career interceptions. Fuck him). From the guy who had his heart set on Roquan

and the guy pined for Cole Kmet

I bring you…Trey Lance. Say it again, to yourself with your eyes closed…Trey…Lance. Sounds like a winner. More than that he sounds sweet. QB1 for the North Dakota State Bison. How does 42 TDs and ZERO interceptions sound? How does 1100 rushing yards and 67% completion percentage sound? To me it sounds like the QB of the future

This is the guy. Trubisky is gone. Foles isn't a long term solution. Next year, and for the next 12 years we want Trey Lance. That is what I am putting out into the universe just like I did with Kmet and Roquan. I put it out into the universe so Trey Lance can be firmly on your radar. 

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