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Of Course Steve Kerr Isn't Proud Of Fighting Michael Jordan - He Got His Ass Kicked

[Source] - "It's not something I'm proud of," Kerr said of the incident. "It is something that happens from time to time on most teams during the season. Guys get into it during practice. It's just part of high-level competition. But it's very, very strange to know everybody's hearing this story and talking about it and then I'm going to be on camera talking about it. Michael is. And people are going to be examining this whole thing.

This is just an A+ spin zone by Steve Kerr. Next time you get punched in the face just say it's not something you're proud of. That's how you twist the story from getting your ass kicked to being put on a level playing field. Any fight I've ever lost I'm just now not proud of it. The fights I won though? Well, that you can be proud of. 

I really need someone from the UFC to come out over the weekend after losing a fight and saying they aren't proud of it. Have a nice black eye and say it's just part of high-level competition. Everyone knows Steve Kerr got punched in the face. Why is he acting like this is brand new information? 

That's been really the only complaint about The Last Dance. I want to learn more new stuff. I want more of the Rodman going to Vegas and MJ talking about the Republicans buy shoes line more. Unless there's film of MJ punching Steve Kerr in the dome then there's nothing new with this fight talk. That's why I'm confused as to Kerr's quote here. Everyone has been talking about this for years. Everyone heard the story. All you have to say in the camera is 'teammates fight, I got socked in the face' and do a Jim Halpert shrug.