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Titans President Steve Underwood And His WILD Facial Hair Have Retired

Apologies to all the Titans fans hoping to see their team take the next step in 2020 because those dreams died when Steve Underwood called it a career. Nobody in an entire franchise is able to rest when the guy at the top of the org chart looks like a Jim Henson creation while Henson was on acid. Try resting on your laurels when your Team President walks out of the tunnel with essentially a strapless Bane on any given Sunday.

I know the team looked great with Ryan Tannehill under center and Mike Vrabel offering to sacrifice his dick is something the Football Gods truly appreciate. But if you don't have a complete wild card running the show with a womb broom and colon cleaner on his face that may pounce on you at any given moment, you are just another team in a league that takes great length to make everyone average.

Blogger's Note: To be clear, Mr. Underwood and his facial hair have retired from the Titans. If by some awful chance Mr. Underwood pulls the idiotic move and retires the facial hair by shaving/killing it, there will be a blog letting you know