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I'm Just Glad Diletta Leotta (My Internet Girlfriend, nbd) Has An Adorable Neighbor Willing To Work Out With Her During Quarantine

So I saw Chaps blog about his new online crush. 

It made me go look at my internet girlfriend, nbd, Diletta Leotta. Had to see what she was up to. How's she handling quarantine? How's she handling the news that soccer is coming back? It's always tough to communicate (see: read her captions) because they are in Italian and despite taking 4 semesters of Italian in college I remember absolutely 0 words from it. Couldn't communicate with an Italian if I wanted to. 

That's when I saw this

Look how happy that little puppy is. He must wanted to work out too since her caption is 'training with my neighbor' and a heart. Almost time to get back to work, Diletta. Can't wait to talk some Serie A again soon. 

In the mean time we can read books

Look at the skyline

Cook up some spaghetti - but don't wear white lol 

And just be the most attractive person on the planet