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Experts Say the Murder Hornet is a Big, Harmless Puss and the Threat is All 'Hype'

Source - The Asian giant hornets found in Washington state that grabbed headlines this week aren’t big killers of humans, although it does happen on rare occasions. But the world’s largest hornets do decapitate entire hives of honeybees, and that crucial food pollinator is already in big trouble.

Numerous bug experts told The Associated Press that what they call hornet “hype” reminds them of the 1970s public scare when Africanized honeybees, nicknamed “killer bees,” started moving north from South America. While these more aggressive bees did make it up to Texas and the Southwest, they didn’t live up to the horror-movie moniker. However, they also do kill people in rare situations. ...

“They are not ‘murder hornets.’ They are just hornets,” said Washington Agriculture Department entomologist Chris Looney, who is working on the state’s search for these large hornets. 

The facts are, experts said, two dead hornets were found in Washington last December, a lone Canadian live nest was found and wiped out last September and no live hornets have yet been seen this year.

Looney has a message for Americans: These hornets are not coming to get you. “The number of people who are stung and have to seek medical attention is incredibly small,” he said in an interview.

You'll forgive me if I'm not exactly in the best frame of mind right now to believe "experts" - government or otherwise who insist something is not a threat to us. Their track record on that has been kind of spotty since they went from "Come down to the big Chinese New Year celebration! It's gonna be lit, yo!" to "Just wash your hands!" to "EVERYBODY PANIC!!!" in a matter of hours. 

But this is one of those situations that calls for the Jerry Believability Rule, which states that, given a set of choices, I'm going to believe the one I want to believe. In this case that these experts are right. That the hornet we've been told was this:

Is really just this:

Works for me. 

And it adds up when you see that video of a bunch of Japanese beetles throwing a Blanket Party on one:

Or this video of one getting it's ass handed to it by the old magician from the circus in "A Bug's Life":

So I don't know where all the hype came from. Maybe we're all just extra panicky right now and susceptible to anything. Perhaps it was all just clickbait. Or possibly the Murder Hornet Alarmists were all in the pockets of Big Spray, trying to profit off our fears. And in a world where our institutions have failed us and we're not sure who to trust anymore, I'm not above believing this is narrative that it's all just hype could be coming from Anti-Bee Murder Hornet Apologists who want to see them succeed so they can control the world pollen supply or something. But for now I'm enthusiastically going with the bug guys who say these things are really just big pussies with a scary name. That way there's one less global threat to worry about.