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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Wood Splitters of All Time!

Fuckin a. As a fella who has been getting my hands dirty more and more lately, this made me cringe watching it. Sure. These wood splitters save so much time and many backaches but is the juice worth the squeeze? 

Of course it is, you fucking pussy. You don't worry about little ole shit like safety when there are logs that need to be split. Stack em high and stack em fast is what I always say. If you don't, your ass will be left without a log to burn and your body heat will be lickety-split by the time you find your dull ax that you should have grinded but that's not my ax to grind. It's yours, safety scout. I'll be warm as a summer's day by the fire and my finely-stacked wood spoils. 

The underrated part about youtube log splitter videos (if there is one) is the commenters. Wood Hardos are the best. 

Try that pussy boy splitter on a knotted up red oak and your ass and the splitter will be in a bind. #FactsOnly