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Steve Nash Asking Matt Barnes And Stephen Jackson About Smoking Weed Is The Exact Type Of Interview We Need

God, I love Steve Nash. The same foot/hand layups. Jumping off the wrong foot. The perfect shooting form. The fact he looked like he belonged playing soccer but he'd smoke you on the court. Dude is one of my all-time favorite players and athletes of all time. But this? This is what I want to see.

Of course Steve Nash smokes indica to help him sleep. Not surprising. Shit, weed needs to be legal, especially for athletes. Their bodies get beat up. They have to deal with a ton of shit, just let them smoke weed. That's a whole different argument though. 

Look at Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. 'I don't know if you guys use indica to sleep.' Uhh, the podcast is literally called All The Smoke. we have a headline that says this: 

That's why Matt Barnes says he uses indica for life. Just a perfect response. I love this podcast too. There's something about having former players that have the relationships getting guys to open up. But they've had so many clips come out during their time it's pretty ridiculous. 

New life goal, get on All The Smoke for an episode.