Francis Ngannou Says He'd Rather Take A Punch Than Another COVID-19 Test - "It's Not Good Shit"

This brief little clip cracked me up this morning. Francis Ngannou is such a killer yet he's so wholesome. 

When someone asked "The Predator" about the COVID-19 tests he and all other athletes/staff were required to take this week, he told em he's rather take a punch than get that shit for a third time. 

He also just flat out said, "It's not good shit.", which sounds about right for a test that requires a big ol' swab jammed directly into your brain....

Seriously, that lady went IN on Gilbert Burns, JESUS CHRIST!

Imagine how ol' pipe cleaner arms head ass Bobby Fox would handle one of them tests? Yikes. I can barely even stare at my arm if an IV is going in there. One of these Corona Brain Swabs and I'd be crying more than I did at Endgame. No thanks!