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Florida Football Tweeted About Tennessee 16 Times On Thursday, But Is Definitely Not Worried

I'm obviously not going to link all 16 tweets @GatorsFB sent about Tennessee on Thursday, but you can go check them out. Florida is just the latest school on UT's schedule to shout from the mountaintops how unconcerned it is with the Vols' recent run of recruiting success.

Guys, they are definitely not concerned. Not even a little bit.

And at least those other schools kept it to one subtweet. But 16? I thought Florida was a school which prided itself on championships, but apparently beating Tennessee is all they're really concerned with.

I absolutely love it. The same people who tell you Tennessee hasn't done anything — the Vols are currently on the second-longest winning streak in the Power Five, behind only LSU — can't wait to say in the same breath how great it is that they've beaten that same team and what an accomplishment that is. You can't have it both ways, y'all.

The truth is that while these players might not remember a time when Tennessee dominated college football, their coaches do — and they see it happening again right before their very eyes. They all knew it was too good to be true. The giant wasn't going to stay asleep forever.

Anybody talking about college football right now is talking about Tennessee. And that's the way it's going to be for the foreseeable future.