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Wake Up With The Worst First Pitch Ever

This is one of those moments where I will never forget where I was when I first saw it happen. My jaw dropped when I saw 50 not just step up onto the mound, but then unleash arguably the worst throw thats ever been throw. I mean it went almost into the dugout. Shout out to that camera guy for aiming down the sight and not seeing the ball almost nail him. People said this was a publicity stunt by 50 because I think he had a new CD dropping soon, but idk man, he may just not know how to throw a baseball. There have been some bad throws, John Wall, the mayor of Cincinnati, but I think this one is by far the worst. I don't even know how he threw it at that angle and almost hit the guy in the blue way back there, it may be harder to do that than throw a strike from the mound.