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This Guy Who Used Nothing But Emojis To Get A Girl's Number On Tinder Is A National Treasure



As a big time emoji connoisseur I’m conflicted here. I appreciate this guy being so good with the emoji arts that he could get a number in five texts since there are guys who couldn’t use the most beautiful words in the world to get those results. But it sort of seems like a hollow victory, like it shouldn’t have been that easy and I lost respect for everyone in the process. So it comes down to two things: 1) Either this dude is so good looking that he could have said anything short of asking for her to take a dump on a glass table and he was still getting the numbers OR 2) Just another reason to never trust a girl with a guy name, nature’s greatest loose cannon.


Anyway last week’s Tinder roundup seemed to be nice and, let’s be honest, a perfect and painless way to end a Friday for both you and me. So let’s try doing this again with the best/funniest/weirdest of the week and see how it goes. If you’ve got any Tinder gems of your own, tweet them at me.





Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 1.26.33 PM




And some hot/possibly NSFWness:







Now go out there and get em fellas. And by “get em” I mean “let’s pull some Jack Bauer shit and triangulate coordinates to find Jasmine.” Same diff.