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The Redskins Have A DREAM Schedule With Only 1 Primetime Game- Thanksgiving In Dallas

This schedule is an absolute dream. Look at all those Sunday at 1pms! Man is a creature of habit and there is nothing better than knowing your team is going to be on at Sunday at 1pm every week. No Monday night games is a blessing from the football gods. A blessing! The Skins are 1-17 all time at FedEx Field on Monday nights. This year? None! No Thursday nights besides Thanksgiving in Dallas where Chase Young will eat Dak (or Andy Dalton) alive. If you're gonna have a Thursday night game, it better be Thanksgiving. 

The schedule does get a bit tough down the stretch with 4 of 5 on the road

Hopefully by then Detroit is a complete dumpster fire and Joe Burrows is still having the rookie blues, so it could be worse.

All in all, I think we're looking at 10-6 and a division title. HTTR.