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Urban Meyer Predicts Jarrett Stidham Will 'Have a Great Year." Why Don't I Feel Good About That?

[Skip to the 2:00 mark.]

So Urban Meyer was on with Colin Cowherd signing the praises of Jarrett Stidham and how he tried to recruit him coming out of Stephenville, TX. and how high Ohio State was on him but never got close and lost him to Baylor. Then, making the sort of intutive point about how to be successful, a quarterback needs to land in the right spot with the right sort of coaching for him. (Editorial note: Browns and Jets fans respond with the Thinking Emoji.] And concluded that Stidham has done exactly that. 

“As I've said many times over the last couple of weeks, the common denominator of every great quarterback is he’s on a great team,” he said. “You know, the great quarterbacks who go to bad teams and all of the sudden become bad quarterbacks. It’s hard for me at times to understand the media and often the fans, they have a bad team so it’s the quarterback’s fault. 

"I think Jarrett Stidham, you put him with Bill Belichick , Josh McDaniels, that system, get ready for, you know, I can't say he's going to be the next Tom Brady. But I'm sure he'll have a great (year)," Meyer said. "[Belichick] did it with Matt Cassel. He did it obviously with Tom Brady and [Jimmy Garoppolo] They're gonna make that quarterback a good player."

 Yeah, about that ... 

Were this coming from any other college coach, I'd be cyber proclaiming it from my internet rooftop. I'd be singing the praises of whoever said and taking it as further evidence we should be confident the Patriots have found just the right second year player to replace an irreplaceable, statue-worthy giant. 

But this isn't any other coach. It's Urban Meyer.

I get that Belichick and Meyer are boys from way back. And I'm sure their bond is real and genuine. And I'll trust the sincerity of Meyer's confidence in Studham. But there's a history here, and it is not good. When it comes to Belichick's coaching pals, Meyer is the one who's done wrong by him more than any. He's that friend your mom or your girlfriend worry will get you into trouble. He's the Worm to Belichick's Mike McDermott. And I always feel like Joey Knish telling Mike to shake him because he's no good. 

Here are the Urban Meyer-coached players Belichick has drafted:

U of Florida, 2005-10:

  • Chad Jackson, 2006
  • Jeremy Mincey, 2006
  • Aaron Hernandez, 2010
  • Brandon Spikes, 2010
  • Jermaine Cunningham, 2010

Ohio State, 2012-18:

  • Nate Ebner, 2012

The most successful of them all was Ebner, a full time special teamer who was reportedly put on the Pats radar by then assistant Mike Vrabel. The least successful was Chad Jackson, an irritating, underachieving stiff who squandered the athletic talent of a Roman god. Brandon Spikes was sort of good in a limited role but not good enough to make it the end of his rookie contract. And before he ever made it to rookie camp a porn tape of him came out via ChatRoulette. Then when they brought him back he slammed his Mercedes Maybach into a family car in the middle of the night and abandoned the crumpled land rocket after telling OnStar he'd hit a deer. Then there's the convicted murderer. 

So yeah, with the exception of Nate Ebner, I'm having trust issues with Urban Meyer that are going to be hard to put behind me no matter how many gritty, tough, Olympic rugby stars the Patriots turn into Core-4 special teamers. I'm not going to let is shake my faith in Stidham. But let's just leave it at, the less Meyer sings the praises of players on the Patriots roster, the better I'll feel about it. Sometimes it's just best not to say anything.