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The Latest Trailer Of 'The Last Dance' Has Me Itching Even More For Sunday

On Sunday we got the preview about MJ and Steve Kerr's famous fight in practice

so you got the sense that we were finally going to be getting into the good stuff in terms of why Jordan said people will think he's an asshole after watching this documentary. That additional trailer from today pretty much guarantees it. It sounds like we're going to get a whole lot more than just that Kerr incident which I'm 10000% here for. The director of the series had this to say the other day on Dan Patrick's show

What we tackle in episodes 7 and 8 next week is what it was like to play with Michael and then what it was like to play against him, in 7 and 8, respectively. And the with Michael stuff, man, I don’t know if you would want to practice with Michael Jordan. It would be fun to watch. I don’t know if it would be fun to interact with him during that. Because he is hard. He wanted to make those harder than any game could possibly be. And in the East back in the ’90s, that meant making it as rough and as mentally grueling as possible.

And there’s things in there – there’s language in there that I’m shocked that ESPN let us keep in, and there’s behavior in there that I’m shocked that Michael let us keep in.

so there has to be stuff not shown in the trailers that takes things to a different level. You don't have that sort of build up and then all there be is Steve Kerr getting punched and maybe Horace Grant not being allowed to eat. As someone who has not watched all of the leaked episodes, I can't wait.

I know there has been some takes out there about the MJ Doc and how good it is, and honestly I think it mostly has to do with how old you are. I'm 33, I barely had a functioning brain by the time all this stuff with the Bulls went down, so even though I sort of knew the storylines of that era, watching this documentary has been awesome. I imagine I view this series differently than someone who wasn't 10 years old when it all went down. I'm also not a Bulls fan so it's not as if I've heard all these stories a billion times. 

That being said, it's OK to say up until this point it's mostly been a puff piece. Even the shit about his gambling wasn't exactly all that bad, just like you expected it wouldn't be. But from the sounds of it, that changes this weekend. I don't care about the language part but I do care about his "behavior" that MJ let them keep. 

We're about 78 hours and change until Sunday night, and with each trailer we get the more and more I cannot wait.