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Looks Like Noted Crazy Person Novak Djokovic Believes Our Emotions Can Change Water

Make no mistake Novak Djokovic is a fantastic tennis player. Dude might have the best mental strength of anyone on tour. There's rarely any moment too big for him and that's why he's tallied 17 grand slam titles so far. Another fun fact about Novak Djokovic is that he's a certified crazy person. He's spent quarantine coming out as a complete nut job that no one should take seriously. It has been fun, however, seeing what new ideas he comes up with everyday. 

 Dude is an absolute lunatic when it comes to any thoughts outside of tennis. He's already known to think healing on your own through telekinesis is the best way of recovery and that surgeries are evil. For sure not how science works. Novak said he cried for three days after elbow surgery because he felt he failed himself by not healing on his own with his own thoughts. He also recently came out as an anti-vaxxer and pushed back on the idea that you would have to be vaccinated to play on the ATP Tour when they restart. Actually outside of his mind. 

Well today he might have topped any of those ideas. It appears that Djokovic believes your own emotions can alter water. Like if you think positively you can change the molecular formation of water. There is no amount of weed I can smoke on this Earth to trick myself into believing I can change the formation of water with my thoughts. Allow Djokovic and this psycho dude on his IG live to explain. 

I think we can all agree that your emotions do not affect the molecular structure of water. I'm not a scientist by any means but you just can't do that. I can be happy as humanly possible and water in my Poland Spring bottle isn't changing. Oh and the dude Djokovic is talking about conveniently sells a magic solution to controlling water on his website. Super. 

For the most part Federer and Nadal have kept quiet about Djokovic's crazy IG lives during quarantine. I wonder why? Maybe because the number one player in the game is destroying his image all by himself and they're just sitting back and enjoying the train wreck. When quarantine is over he'll be outcasted from society and they'll have one less person to deal with when it comes to winning majors. There's no way Djokovic has a PR team right?  If he does that guy is the single worst person ever at their job in history. 

Nadal did comment today that if everyone has to get vaccinated to be safe then Djokovic will have to and that's that. No vaccination then you can't play brotha. Would be quite a shame!