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Chris Bosh Had To Teach Dwyane Wade How To Play Beer Pong Because He Was 'The Original Teen Mom'

The idea of Chris Bosh hanging out in Miami and teaching Dwyane Wade how to play beer pong is one of the funniest goddamn images I can think of. First off, Chris Bosh is a giant of a human. Second, this is the image of Chris Bosh I think of right away. 

I'm always fascinated when people like Wade find out about something like pong. One of the most common games in the history of games. Everyone knows it. But Wade was a bit too busy at Marquette leading them to a Final Four (well, Travis Diener was there too) and being a father. Understandable, I guess. Pretty hilarious to hear Gabrielle Union compare him to Teen Mom OG. 

But the thing is Wade loves playing drinking games now. Remember when he found out about flip cup at Nebraska? 

Apparently all the great wings learn drinking games from teammates. Remember Kobe learning from Luke Walton? 

I need to play Chris Bosh and/or Wade in pong now. 100% chance they are over the line with their elbows. No doubt about it.