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Dogs Are Learning How to Beep Car Horns So You Better Be Quick Going in for Beer

 As a pet owner, each individual animal has its own quirks. Some eat grass or their own poop, some bark at animals on the television, some want to go EVERYWHERE we go, impatiently waiting for us to run our errands while we tie them up outside or leave them in the (temperature controlled) car while we go pump the gas. 

My dog Emma, is very needy and very impatient. A couple of days ago when we walked by the pet store, she was so excited and adamant about wanting to make a stop that she pulled me into the store and stopped to sniff every single treat in the store until she found the bone she wanted and placed it in her mouth. And it wasn't enough that I was going to buy it for her, she wanted to eat it RIGHT THEN -- almost taking my hand off when I tried to grab it out of her mouth for the grocery clerk to check me out. 

So I get impatient, needy dogs. I even think its kind of cute. But THIS story I read today about a 2-year-old boxer its and attention-seeking behavior takes it to a WHOLE new level.

Apparently, Wally, has been fed the fuck up with his owner's antics, so much so that he taught himself how to get into the driver's seat and blare the car horn until dad came out of the grocery store.  

According to a story in the Metro, Tyler Fust left his boxer Wally in the car while he ran a quick errand. "Despite the 32-year-old only being in shop for a couple of minutes, Wally had decided that enough was enough, and he sat upright in the driver's seat to push his left paw on the Ford pickup truck's steering wheel." 

The wildest part was that he not only started to blare the horn after being in the car for a matter of minutes, but he also wouldn't stop until Tyler opened the car door and got inside.

What a dog!

See, everyone talks trash about owning a little dog but I can promise you that no matter how much of a bad dog owner I was by leaving Emma in the car to run errands, no matter how impatient she got (she's only 13 pounds) there is no possible scenario where she would be able to stand on the front seat and even make CONTACT with the car horn, LET ALONE make it beep. 

So instead I just take her with me. And guess what? No one has to deal with an annoying horn blaring for minutes on end until its owner gets back and discovers their dog is fed the fuck up with their tardiness. 

Chalk one up for the small dog owners.