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The First Madden 21 Trailer Just Dropped And It Looks Exactly Like The Past 5 Maddens

Wow, Madden 20 looks great on the next gen! If there's one thing I hate about video game companies, it's when they promote a huge announcement trailer for a video game that barely shows the actual gameplay. It's always some dramatic build up showing the years of progression the game has made from a graphic standpoint. There is literally 2 seconds of gameplay in this video, and it looks exactly like the last 5 Maddens! As someone who sells his soul to the devil each year and buys this game, I can tell you that spin animation Mahomes did in this video was the EXACT same animation I had last night when I played Madden 20! 

Good lord, EA Sports! Show us how you are adding real life player IQ into this game, show us how you are fixing all of the bullshit glitches and bugs that have been integrated into this series for the past 5+ years! If your point of this video was to show that it only took you guys 30+ years to finally add a player reaching over a pylon, then I suppose we are closer to fixing the other 99 problems with this game. Also, why isn't Lamar Jackson announcing this? Obviously hearing Patrick Mahomes talk for a minute is a treat for us, but Lamar is on this year's cover. 

Ever since microtransactions were implemented into games, EA has shipwrecked almost every video game series they have created. I haven't played a good Madden since 2013 and it's torture. I wish you could just buy one Madden and pay $10 each year for an updated roster since they only care about the quantity of virtual packs that are bought, and not the quality of the game. Luckily for us, NFL 2K is coming back soon and we won't have to suffer anymore. With all of this being said, I'll be buying Madden 21 for the PS5 so I can play against my friends online because it's my only option. Damn you, EA Sports.