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Holy Heck We've Found Him. The Greatest Rollerblader On The Planet

What a beast. What an absolute mad lad. This man's ligaments must be made out of gummy worms or something. 

All across the globe, more and more people have been turning to the blades as gyms have been shutdown and running is a miserable experience. It's a great way to get a little workout in whilst also being a bad ass and ripping up the streets. But some folks can barely glide around out there without snapping an ankle. This sick son of a bitch just cruised through 20 cones faster than you can say "Team Pup n' Suds" on one leg, and somehow his ankle isn't completely detached and flying halfway across the room. 

And if that wasn't rad enough for you, buddy is also a Skate Cross legend. 

Even creating a whole new style with dirt skating. 

This man is better in a pair of rollerblades than most of you are in a pair of shoes. Yohan Fort is our one true king. The Chosen One.