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Waking Up To A Bunch Of Missed Calls From Smitty At 1AM Begging For Me To Get Him His 3rd Win Brought Me So Much Joy


Pretty sure Smitty played till 4am last night trying to get 3 Warzone wins??? It sure does prove just determined the General is even though my response when he texted me his plan yesterday morning was "you're gonna be playing until Christmas" so he smashed my Christmas prediction out of the park, but still took him 12+ hours. 

I'm really torn on whether I should feel bad or just laugh due to the multiple calls for backup that hit my phone at 1am. Waking up to all these clips made me feel sad. Maybe if I was there to help the General could've gotten to bed at a decent hour?

He even had to bring in COD Pro's to get #2 by 12:30am. COD pros! Yet he only one with them I'm pretty sure...if that doesn't say something about the General's skill then I don't know what does. LOL.

Hopefully I can help this guy to a quick few ones today after missing out last night. Get back in the General's good graces. But LUCKILY we have extreme backup helping us out today in @nataagataa & @kayladelancey. Should be fun all around.