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The Jets Complimented All Of Their Upcoming Opponents On Twitter And It Was Honestly A Bit Refreshing

Before the hardos come in here screaming that this is "soft" or "pussy shit" please think about the world right now. This is no time to sit here and call teams names for just wanting to say something nice on twitter. I mean god for-fucking-bid they wanna be nice in these trying times. Honestly, it was a nice change of pace from every team twitter account constantly trying to go viral and/or bodybag an opponent.

Besides, this is probably for the best. This way teams will remember how nice they Jets were to them on May 7th, 2020. Who knows, maybe Patty Mahomes will let one "slip" out of his hand as Tyreek Hill has Arthur Malet beat by a solid 15 yards, keeping the score at a respectable 35-7. 

The tweets themselves were, well, ok I guess. It's really the thought that matters here. Although I will say, there weren't any genuine compliments to be had. Not a single one. To be completely honest a couple of them were just bad. Like didn't even seem like a compliment. Might as well take a look at a couple of them:

The Broncos

How do you react if you're the Broncos account manager here? Do you quote tweet and say something corny like "Yessir! Drew spits fire!" or do you just ignore it and pretend like it never happened? The latter has to be the move. I don't exactly know the protocol on other teams tweeting a video of your QB rapping but it's awfully weird and I don't know that I can get on board with it, even though it is a compliment.

Replacement Compliment: It looks like John Elway might have finally drafted a competent quarterback!

The Browns

Actually not bad. Not great wither but not bad. Not sure what it is but when people use the word "goodest" it throws me for an absolute loop. I never had a dog nor was I really around dogs so my brain sees that fake word and is instantly in pretzel mode. It's not even that complex, fucking dogs can understand so should I! I get that it's some sort of dog humor but we can't just use the word "best"? Still a solid compliment though.

Replacement Compliment: N/A

The Cardinals

This is by far the weirdest of the bunch. A) Kliff Kingsbury literally chose to coach the Cardinals over the Jets so this just kind of awkward. B) why the fuck does the Jets social media manager have pictures of Kliff Kingsbury's living room on file? C) They couldn't possibly think of anything else? Like this is the best they had for the Cardinals. I guess that says a lot. This is something that's borderline too much for the Cardinals to tweet, much less the New York Jets.

Replacement Compliment Statement: Fuck you Kliff for leaving us with Adam Gase…dick.

The Chargers

I see no issues with this one at all. The uniforms are fresh.

Replacement Compliment: N/A

The Chiefs

Thank GOD the Jets came out and said the Chiefs deserved a ring. Without their reassurance, nobody would've looked at the 2019/20 Chiefs the same way ever again. 

Replacement Compliment: Patrick Mahomes might be the best football player ever and there's nothing we can do to stop him

The Dolphins

This one is a-ok in my book. It may not be a compliment of anyone that has been with the Dolphins in the past 20 years but Don Shula passed very recently so it's more than ok. Showing respect to a legend of the game. Despite the rivalry they might have had, respect is mutual.

"some things"

RIP Don Shula

Replacement Compliment: N/A

The Patriots

This was our chance to somehow make fun of the fact that Tom Brady and Gronk just got up and left New England but noooooo. It had to be about Nike Belichick, huh. Fantastic dog and all but come on guys, clean it up. This was our gonna be the first time we beat the Patriots in anything since 2015 and they blew it!

Replacement Compliment: At least you didn't pay a 42 year $50 million guaranteed! Time to rebuild!

The Rams

This is the one that made me think we were buttering up our opponents. It just seems like a ploy so that Aaron Donald doesn't murder Sam Darnold. Joe Douglas did say that he would do all he can to protect Sam Darnold. I don't think it's too far out of the realm of possibilities that JD slipped a note to the social media intern letting him know what to put out there. Overall though it s a very solid compliment.

Replacement Compliment: N/A

That wraps up the majority of their opponents (the interesting tweets at least). While I like the idea of killing our enemies with kindness - a very Chad Ochocinco move - I think the Jets could've done far better. We almost weren't nice enough, if killing with kindness is the route we wanna go then we have to perfect it. Start telling teams how much you love them or how good they are. Things that'll rattle someone who you're about to do battle with. Otherwise, we just look like the wet blanket of the NFL.

PS - yes, I would 1000% prefer it if the Jets were the bad boys on league and just starting shitting on everyone but you gotta work with what ya got.